Christopher L. Buckley

Professor of Neural Computation
Technical Lead  at VERSES

University of Sussex
Department of Informatics
Brighton, UK
Phone: +44-1273 678431
twitter: @drclbuckley


My research interests lie at the intersection between neuroscience and embodied artificial intelligence. Understanding how the nervous system gives rise to robust behaviour offers potential design solutions for systems that operate in dynamic and noisy environments. However, conversely, understanding the brain as a dynamic control system can help shed light on the neural circuits that underpin behaviour. My work combines  both computational and experimental approaches to address these issues.

Selected Recent Papers

  • Predictive coding approximates backprop along arbitrary computation graphs B Millidge, A Tschantz, CL Buckley Neural Computation 34 (6), 1329-1368 53 2022
  • Hybrid Predictive Coding: Inferring, Fast and Slow A Tschantz, B Millidge, AK Seth, CL Buckley arXiv preprint arXiv:2204.02169 3 2022
  • Control algorithms underlying the translational optomotor response JG Holman, WWK Lai, P Pichler, D Saska, L Lagnado, CL Buckley bioRxiv 2022
  • Design for an individual: connectionist approaches to the evolutionary transitions in individuality RA Watson, M Levin, CL Buckley Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 64 2 2022
  • How particular is the physics of the free energy principle?M Aguilera, B Millidge, A Tschantz, CL Buckley Physics of Life Reviews 45 2021
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