Christopher L. Buckley

Senior Lecturer in Neural Computation

University of Sussex
Department of Informatics
Brighton, UK
Phone: +44-1273 678431
twitter: @drclbuckley

I am also a Visiting Research Fellow Laboratory for Neural Computation and Adaptation at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Tokyo.


My research interests lie at the intersection between neuroscience and embodied artificial intelligence. Understanding how the nervous system gives rise to robust behaviour offers potential design solutions for systems that operate in dynamic and noisy environments. However, conversely, understanding the brain as a dynamic control system can help shed light on the neural circuits that underpin behaviour. My work combines  both computational and experimental approaches to address these issues. More



Distributed neural processing of self-generated visual input in a vertebrate brain. See the e-zfish project.

Direct brain state modulation by close-loop feedback (with Philipp Streicher)

Free Energy Robotics (with Manuel Baltieri)

Recent Papers

  • A. S. David Fernandes, C. L. Buckley,  and J. E. Niven. Visual associative learning in wood ants. Accepted for the Journal of Experimental Biology (2017).
  • C.  L.  Buckley and T. Toyoizumi.  A theory of how active behaviour stabilises neural activity: neural gain modulation by closed-loop environmental feedback. Accepted for  PLOS Comp. Biology (2017)
  • C. L. Buckley, C. S. Kim, S. Mcgregor and A. K. Seth.  The free energy principle for action and perception: A mathematical review. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, Volume 81, 2017, Pages 55-79, I
  • Manuel Baltieri and C. L. Buckley. An active inference implementation of phototaxis. Proceedings of the European Conference on Artificial Life. MIT Press , Lyon, France, 14 pp. 36-43. (2017)
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